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Why Hire a Life Coach?

Life's too short to be unhappy and unfulfilled.


What is a Life Coach?

I am an educator at heart (see My Story) and believe life coaching is another form of teaching. A life coach teaches you skills for negotiating today’s world and its many life paths. In school, you learned reading, writing, and math; you learned a trade; and gained the expertise needed for a career. But did you learn how to navigate our changing world or the changes you have experienced as you have matured and entered the stressful world of adulting? A life coach teaches you strategies for navigating these changes, helps you connect with yourself and your goals, and enact plans to create your best life.


Why Work with Me?

I work with the strivers and the overachievers who want it all – – that elusive holistic wellness. A combination of physical, mental, spiritual, career, and relationship health. In your striving, you have become burnout, lost your work-life balance, are disillusioned with your job, or facing a chronic illness that has drained your physical health. My job is to help you develop the tools to refocus and reconnect with a healthier more balanced you.

To do this, I create a space of listening as well as one of structure and accountability. Within this space, I ask questions and share evidence-based strategies that help you grow on a personal level to reconnect with your best life. In addition, I bring to this space skills from my work in higher education as well as nutrition and fitness (see My Story). Let me help you develop better ways to handle the negative thoughts and stressors standing between you and a more fulfilling life.