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My approach to helping clients develop a healthier lifestyle is different from many other wellness and health coaches. My coaching mixes the latest science, a whole-body focus, and a personalized approach.

1)    Based on Science: I have years of training in both diet and physical activity behavior change from top universities. I have applied my training with a variety of client populations to learn what works best for managing chronic illnesses, including losing weight. I stay up-to-date on the latest behavior change research and share with my clients the most current methods for using mindfulness, anti-inflammatory foods, and physical activity to improve health.
2)    Holistic Approach: I have found through 16 years of training and practice that we have to look at our lifestyle as a whole, not just the foods we eat or the time we spend in the gym, for long term change. Stress, diet, and physical activity are all interconnected. While we may focus on a new diagnosis or reducing stress, expect to work on all aspects of your lifestyle, mind, and body. 
3)    Personalized Coaching: Barriers that keep you from meeting the goals you know you should be following differ from person to person. Instead of one-size fits all meal and exercise plans or generic “10 Steps to Health,” we will work together to develop the skills you need to eat healthier, be more active, and reduce stress. 

Whether you have a newly diagnosed chronic illness, have struggled with weight loss for years, or feel burnout and unsure of where to go next, I would love to work with you. 


Rave Reviews

What Clients Have Said

From our first session together, I knew I was in good hands with Brook. She comes thoroughly prepared and well-organized to our sessions. At the same time, she maintains a relaxed and accommodating demeanor. Brook walked beside me through some difficult moments in my life, and her unwavering kindness, gentle spirit, and clear-headed approach kept me centered and focused on the road ahead. She has helped me distill my thoughts and goals into meaningful action, and I’m equipped with techniques to continue the work outside of our sessions. Brook’s insight and inspiration offer a bright guiding light to any who seek a happier, healthier tomorrow.