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Career Coaching


Society tells us to choose a career path based on skills we possess or areas of interest from school, and maybe you get the opportunity to make a difference. Are you now questioning whether your current job or chosen career is a good fit? As you look at the career path you have traveled and contemplate the path in front of you, important questions to ask include:

  • What brings meaning to my life? How do these aspects of life connect with my current position, current career? 

  • What parts of my current job or career path bring me joy? What parts steal my joy?

  • If I change jobs or career paths, but take my same way of thinking with me, will I be fulfilled?

  • What is my ideal work-life balance? What needs to change in work, in life, in myself to bring about balance?

The phrase “career path” acknowledges that as we expand our skill set and world view our path may diverge from its original course. In addition, career paths are connected to our identity. This connection is why our employment needs to do more than pay the mortgage. Our career path needs to align with who we believe ourselves to be at our core. 

My coaching is informed by my training through Martha Beck's Wayfinder Life Coach Training as well as over 16 years in higher education as a teacher, mentor, and admissions committee member. When I work with clients, I hold space for them to contemplate and find their own answers to the questions above. Whether you are just entering the job market, contemplating a change in position, a redirection in your career path, or working towards a better work-life balance, contact me to talk about how I can help you along your path.


Brook provided me tools to work better with friends and coworkers. She also helped me pin down important aspects of what I was looking for in a new position. She helped me identify my strengths, which provided me a more secure persona during my interview process. Her help went above and beyond the timed sessions. "



Resume and Job Application Review

Are you confident in your career path, but need an expert to review your current application or help you prepare for an upcoming interview? Review and feedback on job or school application materials (e.g., CV, resume, cover letter, essay) is available as are consultations to prepare for job or admissions interviews. I have experience reviewing and helping clients develop job applications for academic, administration, research, and healthcare positions. I also have experience reviewing and helping students develop applications for master’s and doctoral programs, dietetic internships, and scholarships.